Welcome to JadeBay!

JadeBay is where all players – businesses, local government and further education – work together to ensure that everyone is successful. We are working to add value and jobs to the region. Unbureaucratic cooperation means that we do not just develop strategies together, we also implement them.

JadeBay GmbH is a joint venture of the districts of Friesland, Wesermarsch, Wittmund and the city of Wilhelmshaven. It is our job to ensure that our region is an attractive place to live, work and do business. Regionally, nationally and internationally.

We can inform you about subsidies and tax breaks for businesses coming to or operating in the region. And our education system is working hard to provide you with the qualified workforce your business will need to succeed.

JadeBay and its partners can open new horizons for you. Come and see them for yourself.