Our aeronautic industry is reaching for the stars

JadeBay has long been an important centre for the aeronautic industry. Airbus has been building parts for its planes here for decades. After a restructuring in 2008, the factories in Nordenham and Varel are now part of Premium Aerotec GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus’ parent EADS.

For both Premium Aerotec works and their suppliers, many of whom are based in the region, there is enormous potential for growth. Premium Aerotec is investing heavily in research and development to expand on its core competencies of precision machining, aerostructures and body parts, wind tunnels and tool-making. The aeroplanes of the future will be made from titanium and carbon-fibre instead of steel and aluminium.

The federal state of Lower Saxony and local government are supporting and subsidising investment research. The new technology and training centre in Varel and the technology centre in Nordenham are designed to ensure that the future of aeroplane making stays in the region. The training centre in Varel, for example, offers cutting-edge four-year apprenticeships in machining, industrial mechanics and mechatronics. 160 apprentices – 40 are taken on each year – are currently in training.

The technology centre in Varel focuses on metalworking and machining. Universities, research institutes and industry are working together here to improve our region's competitive advantage.   

Universities, research institutes and industry are also combining in Nordenham to improve production techniques for carbon-fibre strengthened plastics, and to find better ways of assembling large components. Strengthened plastics from Nordenham are an increasingly important for large aeroplane components and are used, for example, on the new Airbus A350.

Lower Saxony Initiative for Aerospace

The aerospace industry Lower Saxony – both air and space technology – is growing strongly. The focus on innovation and technology gives a boost to the technology sector as a whole. With the Lower Saxony Initiative for Aerospace, the state government aims to secure and create jobs in aerospace by focusing on and expanding existing strengths. Find out more at www.niedersachsen-aviation.de.