Using EU funds to improve competitiveness

Competition in globalised markets is intense, and we in the JadeBay are doing all we can to promote our location to businesses all around the world and ensure a good supply of qualified personnel.

We have established or are participating in a range of projects funded by the European Union, the German federal government and the Lower Saxony state government to improve the competitiveness of our region. We are working on attracting businesses, qualified workers and experienced managers to the JadeBay.

Enterprises considering coming to or expanding in the region can ask us about public funds that may be available to them.

Regional budget from the state governement

The state government of Lower Saxony has approved a regional budget to enable us to sharpen our competitive edge.

Our marketing and training projects were good enough to convince both the trade and industry ministry and the NBank, the Lower Saxony investment bank, to finance them. The NBank’s fund for this budget is sourced from the European Union.

Genuine cooperation: Joint financing of regional budget

Units of local government often see each other as competitors and work against each other. Not in the JadeBay. The city of Wilhelmshaven and the districts of Friesland, Wittmund and the Wesermarsch plus their towns and municipalities have combined with businesses, business associations, charitable foundations and private donors to stimulate growth.

JadeBay GmbH now has a fund of € 700,000 – 60 % from public funds and 40 % from businesses and donors – to invest in additional marketing and key training measures by the end of 2014. For each euro spent, another euro will be added by the NBank via the regional budget, making the total volume available  € 1.4 million.