Working together to keep the JadeBay competitive

The following marketing projects are being financed and implemented from the regional budget:

  • JadeBay gestalten ("Branding JadeBay)
    We are working together with players from business and local government to develop the JadeBay as a brand. To this end a brand strategy and communications concept is being written. We are devising new targeted communications and presenting ourselves as a region with a clear identity.

    The ultimate aim is to improve awareness among interested investors, important multipliers and potential key employees.


  • JadeBay bewerben ("Advertisting JadeBay")
    Our brand strategy must, of course, not just be written but also implemented! The JadeBay brand is being advertised at trade fairs where we can expect to meet potential investors. We are concentrating on renewable energies, logistics and commercial property. JadeBayWIND lays a particular focus on the offshore wind industry and its suppliers.

    We also working to attract qualified personnel. We are building a network of graduates of the Jade University of Applied Sciences, offering them access to a job databank and inviting them to specially created events.

    And we are offering combined business and leisure trips which showcase the region as a place to live, work and have fun.

    And finally we are developing a modern and targeted presentation kit including hardware and software. All players and multipliers will be able to use this kit to find new customers and improve loyalty.


  • JadeBay bewohnen ("Living in JadeBay")
    Achieving a good work-life-balance is very important for young families. The family as a whole has more and more say in where they live. A good job offer alone is no longer enough to make someone move.

    Successful regional development therefore needs to consider families. We are carrying out a study to find out more about what is currently available on the region’s property market, and what the needs are likely to be in future. And we are making a film to promote the region's image among potential key employees.