Maritime industry

The maritime industry – from logistics through ship design to construction – has been growing strongly in recent years and is expected to grow further as global trade increases. The JadeBay is an international trade hub of growing importance, and is extremely well positioned to continue to benefit from this growth.

The JadeWeserPort is Germany's only deep-water container-port and the most easterly deepwater port on the south edge of the North Sea. Goods destined for Scandinavia, the Baltic countries, Poland and Russia are transferred on to smaller ships in Wilhelmshaven before continuing their journey.

Products and goods of all kinds come in and out of the region. An increasing number of the products handled by our ports are produced by expanding local manufacturers.

The ports in Brake and Nordenham are specialised in dealing with non-containered goods and special projects. Brake is one of Europe's most modern logistics hubs for agricultural goods. Both Brake and Nordenham are linked to Europe's network of inland waterways.

The ports in the JadeBay region are equipped to handle whatever you wish to ship. And you will also find all the infrastructure and suppliers you require here.

For more information about the ports in the JadeBay region and in Lower Saxony, you can visit these websites:
wilhelmshavener Hafenwirtschafts-Vereinigung e. V.

Maritime-related industries make up a large part of our region’s industrial base. As well as logistics, we build and repair ships: From specialized boats such as sea rescue boats through mega-yachts to ocean-going ships. Lemwerder in particular has a long and strong history of shipbuilding.

QualiMare: Regional training and qualification network for the maritime industry

JadeBay QualiMare aims to aid the development of regional infrastructure designed to deliver a sufficient supply of qualified workers for the growing maritime industries. Small and medium-sized businesses need support securing experienced managers and workers with specialised skills. JadeBay QualiMare’s network management provides concepts, methods and instruments to attract people to the region.

At you can see and find out more about the many attractive employers in JadeBay offering apprenticeships and further training. And you can find out more about the schools and colleges offering training and retraining for jobs in the maritime industry. Plus there is information about the universities in the region.

The businesses, colleges and universities who are members of the QualiMare network help, support and gain from each other. They organise joint workshops, committees, projects and much more … should your company not be a member, too? Join now!

Maritime Campus Elsfleth (Centre of Maritime Research)

The Maritime Campus Elsfleth is a training centre for ships mechanics, officers and other maritime professions. The campus also offers training for offshore industries.

Find out more at 

Maritime Cluster Northern Germany

The federal states of Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein have formed a joint project to improve cooperation in the maritime sector.

The aim is to achieve better networking of industry suppliers, offshore and underwater specialists with shipping and logistics. We hope that this will lead to improved competitiveness and job creation.