Tourism, Culture and Leisure

"Both great and small send up a cheer: Here am I man, I feel it here." (J.W. von Goethe. Faust I)

Our sea air and temperate climate make the JadeBay a popular holiday destination – for family holidays, watersports, cycling holidays and much more.

Parts of the Wadden Sea, a German national park and UNESCO World Heritage site, with its unique wildlife are on the coast. Inland you will find broad marshes, moors and heaths. There is plenty of green space between our towns and a wide variety of plants and animals to observe.

Be sure to visit the Wadden Sea House (Wattenmeerhaus) in Wilhelmshaven to learn more about the history and wildlife of our fragile coastline

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(including the official video of the UNESCO world natural heritage Wadden Sea)

The Kubikfoto³ internet portal Adventure Wadden Sea 

Movie trailer "The North Sea from the sky"

Our unspoiled coastline and miles of sandy beaches combined with a wide range of cultural and leisure activities attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to the region every year. In the JadeBay you can cycle, play golf, sail, wind-surf, horse-ride or just relax on the beach. And do not miss our culinary highlights such as freshly caught and peeled prawns.

The JadeBay and the people who live here are open, friendly and welcoming. You may wish to explore our region's rich and complex history. Or just explore the region. Oldenburg, Bremen and Bremerhaven are also within easy reach and well worth a visit.