Learning outside of school
Our Centre of learning for technology and nature

Our centre of learning for technology and nature was established as part of the Expo 2000 project: “Schools for the future of our planet”. It was initiated by the Lower Saxony Ministry of education and is now financed by the European Union's EFRE fund. Here pupils and teachers can come and look for and try out practical solutions to technical and scientific questions.

Specific subjects and problems are chosen to fit in with the lives and experiences of young people growing up on the North Sea coast. They include coastal protection, climate change, harbour construction and wind energy. Pupils can make models, conduct experiments and try out what they have learned.

The centre of learning is open to classes from the second year of primary school – aged 7 to 8 – right up until they finish school.

The centre of learning cooperates closely with the Jade University of Applied Sciences. The Junior MINT project (MINT = maths, information technology, natural science, technology) is an initiative of the Job Centre aimed at deepening both practical and theoretical knowledge. You can find out more by clicking here. Or you can click here to watch the German language video about our centre of learning.

JadeBay Research: Our initiative "JadeBay forscht"

Our JadeBay Research Initiative allows children in Friesland and the Wesermarsch access to our centre of learning. The initiative has set up additional facilities set up in Nordenham and Varel to cope with high levels of interest. Pupils can take part in practical three-year long projects to acquire qualifications.

The JadeBay Research Initiative "JadeBay forscht" is financed jointly by local companies and EU.