Jade University of Applied Sciences
Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg, Elsfleth

The Jade University of Applied Sciences has two campuses in the JadeBay region, at Wilhelmshaven and Elsfleth, with a total of 5000 students. A further campus with 2000 students is in Oldenburg. The university’s six faculties offers around 40 courses.

Students at the applied university have very good job prospects. Subjects and courses are tailored to the current job market. Lecturers have practical experience in industry and good contacts to employers.

Three faculties are in Wilhelmshaven

  • Engineering
  • Business and tourism
  • Management, information and technology

The maritime and shipping campus is based in Elsfleth.

The campus in Oldenburg is home to the architecture faculty and the faculty of building and geo-information.

You can find out about courses and subjects currently on offer here.

Jade-Model reforms bachelor degree

The Jade model offers a different form of bachelor degree, aimed at allowing more time for work experience in semesters abroad. The model extends the degree to eight semesters instead of six. Students thus have more room in their otherwise crowded timetables to gain practical experience, acquire on-the-job skills and improve their languages.

Students also have the option of extending their studies for a further two semesters to gain a masters degree. The Jade model was started for engineering students and has now been extended to other subjects.

A long tradition of learning

All three campuses have a long history of education and training. Sailors were being shown the ropes in Elsfleth right back in 1832, and it is now the largest nautical training centre in Germany. Oldenburg started training engineers in 1877, and businessmen have been learning their trade in Wilhelmshaven since 1947.