Leisure & culture

Rivers, lakes and the sea

In the JadeBay you are never far from water. And to get to the nearest beach, you might not even have to drive to the coast. There are plenty of lakes to bathe in – complete with sandy beaches and cafés. You can also sail around the coast or paddle along canals and rivers. “Paddle and pedal” tours allow you to switch between canoes and bicycles. And where there is water, there are fish. And you can catch them both inland and out at sea.

Natural beauty

The Wadden Sea national park was declared a UNESCO world Heritage site in 2009. It is Germany's most important ecosystem and a paradise for bird-watchers. In the mudflats, salt meadows and dunes you can find plants and animals that are rare or extinct elsewhere. You can take a closer look at seals, whales, a whole range of fish and other animals, plus many rare plants.

The seven German North Sea islands lie just a couple of miles out to sea, at the edge of the mudflats. They are stretched out over 55 miles of coastline and boast long, beautiful beaches. Large parts of the islands themselves and the surrounding mudflats are protected ecosystems and part of the Wadden Sea national park.

History and culture

There are many ways to explore our history and its culture. We have historic castles, churches and windmills. And there are dozens of museums and art galleries covering all aspects of our past and present, and excellent venues for music, theatre and opera. All this makes JadeBay a great tip for art and history lovers looking for something away from the well-trodden paths between the major galleries and sites.

For families

Pirates and princesses will all find plenty to keep them busy – even when the weather isn't suited to spending all day at the beach. There are huge indoor play facilities, and indoor swimming pools complete with water-slides. We have a zoo and fun-park in Jaderberg and an aquarium in Wilhelmshaven. And, particularly during peak holiday times, a wide range of fun and educational events to take part in.