Property and living costs

Building-land ist affordable

Building your own house is very much part of German culture. Very few people buy new houses that have been designed and ready built by investors. The price of building-land in the region is around about the German average: €50 to €75 per square metre in the countryside, €75 to €100 per square metre in and around Wilhelmshaven. 

Building costs are also near to the average for Germany: Around €1000 per square metre. So a good-sized family house with 150 m² of living area built on a 500 m² plot would cost around €190,000 to build. This is a realistic price for a family on median income.


The average price for houses in the region is currently around €1000 per square metre, although there are obviously big differences depending on location and the state of the property. Rental prices vary between €4.70 and €6.00 per square metre per month.

There is a good supply of property in attractive locations for sale or rent. You can live by the sea, in green countryside or in one of many attractive villages and small towns. So escape the stress of the big city and come and live in a quiet, relaxing and prosperous region.

Here are a few links to banks – who also sell property in Germany – estate agents and property websites. Banks, estate agents and local councils will also be able to inform you about building-land for sale:

Cost of living

Prices in the JadeBay are not very much different from the rest of Germany. But because property and rent are cheap, you will find your salary goes further than in Hamburg or Munich.

You can find the latest cost of living index here: