Apprenticeships in the JadeBay

The German system of apprenticeships usually involves a combination of on-the-job training and formal schooling – two days a week in the first year, and one day a week in the second year. Trainees can choose an apprenticeship instead of trying to complete their abitur – the German equivalent of A-levels or the baccalaureate.

There are 6000 apprenticeships available in the JadeBay each year. Trainees combine their work with lessons one of the following schools, depending on the trade or profession they are learning:


  • Vocational School I (Europaschule): Business, health
  • Vocational School Friedenstraße: Technology, home economics


  • Vocational School Nordenham: Business, administration
  • Vocational School Brake: Competence centre for technical trades
  • Vocational School in Elsfleth: Social work, maritime trades


  • Vocational School Jever: Technology, business, administration, home economics
  • Vocational School Varel: Technology, business, agriculture, home economics, nursing


  • Vocational School Wittmund: Business, administration, technology, catering
  • Tourism School Esens: Tourism

You can find more detailed lists of the exact courses on offer on the schools’ websites.

Training schools

Some trades and professions are more often taught at training schools, which may be public or private. These include a number of health professions, the following of which can be learned in the JadeBay:

  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapy
  • Midwifery
  • Care of the elderly

Training schools in the JadeBay


  • Nursing School Sanderbusch, Sande
  • Oldenburg Sisterhood of the Red Cross, Sande
  • Reinhard-Nieter-Krankenhaus, Wilhelmshaven
  • St. Willehad Hospital, Wilhelmshaven
  • District Nursing School, Wittmund
  • District Nursing School of the Wesermarsch Hospitals, Nordenham


  • Certified training centre for physiotherapy at the REHA-Zentrum, Wilhelmshaven
  • Loges North Sea School, Wilhelmshaven


  • IFBE certified midwifery school, Wilhelmshaven

Care of the elderly

  • Arvamed private training school, Wilhelmshaven