The JadeBay-Region

The JadeBay, where the river Jade flows into a large shallow inlet, is surrounded by beautiful countryside and within easy reach of the cities of Wilhelmshaven, Oldenburg, Bremen und Bremerhaven. It is part of the European metropolitan region Bremen-Oldenburg.

There are excellent transport links including three motorways – A27, A28 and A29 – and a good network of major trunk roads. There is also good rail access for people and goods.

At the heart of our region, right next to Wilhelmshaven, is the deep-water container port, JadeWeserPort, and the regional airport Mariensiel. The river Weser and its estuary lead to further ports at Brake, Nordenham, Elsfleth and Lemwerder. Bremen is the nearest international airport.

Thus our region offers businesses first-class infrastructure, especially for companies requiring access to the sea. The JadeWeserPort is Germany's only deep-water port and this gives us a competitive advantage over any other location you may be considering.

A bird's eye view of the JadeBay region can be taken by a flight with